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Things are uncertain at the moment. But we all want to have fun. With this in mind, we’re taking Wine Festival Winchester 2020 online! Check out our new homepage for more details.


How will it work?


Saturday 28th November will be a day of online fun, revelry and masterclasses curated by Wine Festival Winchester, in association with headline sponsor Rathbones.

A timetable of events will allow festival-goers to join masterclasses and other sessions throughout the day and evening. Participants can sign up to buy special wine tasting sets and cases at exclusive discounts, to taste along during the masterclasses and then enjoy throughout the weekend.


What will it cost?


Nothing! There are no tickets to this year’s online event, it’s all free access. Though if you’d like to buy some wines to taste along, which we’d heartily recommend, then see the details for each masterclass or session on our website. All info is on our new homepage.


If I’ve already bought a ticket for 2020, what should I do?


We’ll automatically roll your ticket over to the same session at the 2021 event, which runs from 26th to 27th November.

This year’s online event is a big investment on our part and we’re putting it on primarily to support our exhibitors and loyal visitors. We all need some fun! To make it happen, though, we need cash flow to cover costs.

So if you’d like a refund, please ask, but it would be a HUGE help if you could let us keep the funds for now to enable us to put on this year’s online event and then return with our best festival ever in 2021. Thank you!


What’s the plan?


We have 15 sessions throughout the day on Sat 28th November, featuring everything from aged tawny port to English sparkling wine via fine Burgundy and top Californian wine. We even have a cook-along food session featuring a sumptuous truffle risotto and Susie matching wines along. 

Susie & Peter will be directing festivities and popping up all over the place, including on Instagram Live, where they will also be hosting a few special guests. There’ll also be a tasting selfie competition, more on which shortly!


Any questions?


Please contact Rosie Bowerman:

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