Susie Barrie & Peter Richards are probably best known for presenting the wine slots on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, which they did for nearly 12 years, broadcasting to several million hungry viewers. Their hairstyles have come on a bit since the photo up here, though.

They’re both Masters of Wine – a rare breed, given there are only about 400-odd in the world – and even rarer for being married to each other! What with Susie being an ace cook, their Sunday lunches are something to behold…

Susie & Peter are based in Winchester but work internationally, travelling the globe speaking, tasting, hosting and writing about the wonderful world of wine. They recently launched their Wine Blast podcast, which has enjoyed phenomenal success, blasting into the Top 10 charts in both the US and UK within months of launch, and being lauded in publications as august as the Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Between them they have published six books, won several awards (among them the EWP and IWSC Communicators of the Year), appeared on many a TV and radio station (BBC, ITV, Sky One & ESPN) and racked up writing credits including The Guardian, Financial Times, Times Online, FHM, Daily Mail and Decanter.

Susie & Peter are passionate about finding and spreading the news about all kinds of brilliant wine, drinks and food. They offer consultancy services to airlines, hotels, travel companies and restaurants and are accomplished and experienced event hosts, with credits including the BBC Good Food Shows, The Palate and many others.  Wine Festival Winchester is the realisation of their dream to host their very own, fun wine event with a local focus where people can make new wine discoveries in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

When they’re not focusing on wine, Susie’s often to be found with her head in a recipe book or running, while Peter loves his tennis and is currently trying to wean the kids onto The Simpsons without Susie noticing.

You can catch up with Susie & Peter via their website. Among other things, it features their latest wine tips and wine adventures (including their latest Big English Wine Adventure, which sees them making a delicious Hampshire sparkling wine for charity, and for which they need your help…) There are also video clips of them in TV mode and even fun titbits of info you might not know about them…

You can also reach Susie & Peter via their Instagram and twitter accounts: @SusieBarrie @wineschools