Wine Festival Online

Susie & Peter with VIP guests!

Susie & Peter are joined by special guests Sam Neill and Ching He Huang



TIME: 18:00 - 18:30

We are officially OVER-EXCITED to confirm our very, very special guests for this headlining session at Wine Festival Online.

First up at 6pm sharp we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with none other than Mr Sam Neill - actor, winemaker, superhero. This will play on this page, on our home page and on our YouTube channel.

Some say Sam is famous from things like Jurassic Park, Hunt for Red October, The Piano and Peaky Blinders - but in our world the reason he's famous is his notably refined and hugely satisfying Two Paddocks wines from Central Otago in New Zealand. He owns four vineyards in Central, farms organically, focuses on just two varieties (Pinot Noir and Riesling), and keeps a veritable menagerie of animals, from sheep to cows, pigs, ducks (many of whom are named after high-profile friends like Graham Norton, Helena Bonham-Carter and Imogen Poots). This moment is NOT TO BE MISSED so do tune in as part of the festivities.

After this interview finishes, at 6.20 Susie and Peter will be joined on Instagram Live by International Emmy nominated TV chef and cookery writer, and surely one of the loveliest people alive, Ching He Huang MBE. We know Ching from way back in filming days and we'll be discussing her delicious recipes and the best wines to match, plus her latest book Asian Green. (Our mutual friend and noted wine connoisseur Ken Hom may get a mention too!)

All of this should work up just the right kind of healthy thirst to prepare you for the delicious Majestic masterclass straight afterwards, hosted by Susie & Peter.