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Taste the changes in Chilean wine with leading producer ERRÁZURIZ



TIME: 15:30 - 16:00

2020 sees the 150th Anniversary of Errazuriz – an incredible milestone reached by one of Chile’s foremost winemaking families.

Errazuriz was founded in 1870 by Don Maximiano Errázuriz, a winemaking pioneer whose great vision for the future led him to plant the first vineyards in the Aconcagua Valley. Recognising that this valley was ideal for growing grapes, Don Maximiano sent for the finest clones from France and transformed this barren land into a world class vineyard. His pioneering spirit and creativity were handed down to future generations and in just over a century, our wines have been positioned amongst the world’s most renowned. Today, the tradition of quality lives on with Don Maximiano’s descendant Eduardo Chadwick who shares his ancestor’s maxim: “From the best land, the best wine”.

Errazuriz is now one of the most well-known premium family owned Chilean wineries and its history of winemaking excellence continues under the expert guidance of Chief Winemaker Francisco Baettig. The carefully chosen selection of wines demonstrates his commitment to quality and experimentation. In this masterclass you can find out for yourself what makes Errazuriz wines so special in their anniversary year.

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Wines to be tasted:                                                Price

  • Aconcagua Costa Sauvignon Blanc 2019          £12.00
  • Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2019                           £13.99
  • Estate Merlot 2019                                                  £9.00
  • Max Cabernet Sauvignon 2018                            £13.00

Price for masterclass tasting pack: £47.99 (Including delivery)

To order:

Telephone: 01344 871800

NB: as of 23 Nov 2020, this masterclass is now SOLD OUT.