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Cellier des Dauphins

Take a tour through the delicious Southern Rhône with CELLIER DES DAUPHINS



TIME: 13:30 - 14:00

Cellier des Dauphins wines hail from one of the world’s best wine regions – the Rhône Valley. Benefitting from wonderful weather almost all year round, their sun-drenched vines produce wines that embody the spirit and style of the Rhône Valley.

Join Neil Phillips, The Wine Tipster as he chats to Laurent Paré, Chief Winemaker at Cellier des Dauphins. Laurent and Neil will take you on the tour through the Southern Rhône tasting a selection of the Cellier des Dauphins wines along the way.

À votre santé!

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The wines are available to buy in leading supermarkets (links above are to Tesco for the first two wines, Waitrose for the last) so please do pick up a bottle or two to taste whilst listening to Laurent & Neil.

As an exciting footnote, as part of our 'tasting selfie' competition, Cellier des Dauphins are kindly offering the winner three free bottles of their Réserve Côtes du Rhône Red 2018, not yet in UK retail (so an exclusive festival 'preview'!) To enter the competition, follow Wine Festival Winchester on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, upload a photo of you tasting along, and use the hashtags #WineFestivalOnline #FollowYourTaste. The crazier the photo the better chance you have of winning!